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Counseling and Educational Services for Children ages 3-12

- Parent Consultations

- Child Centered Play Therapy

- Child Parent Relationship Therapy

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Behavior Assessments and Planning

- Emotion Regulation Instruction


All services are research based interventions which I have been trained to implement from the work of the Social Thinking program, Dr. Ross Greene Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, and Child Centered Play Therapy



During our Parent Consultation meeting, we will meet for approximately an hour so that I can understand the nature of your concerns about your child in detail. At the end of our first visit, I will be able to offer recommendations regarding counseling and behavior interventions. This first appointment will also help you to gauge if we are a good fit.

Please click links below to get an overview of Child Centered Play Therapy as well as information on the CPS model and Social Thinking.


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